Grafton is Beautiful!

Each year the City of Grafton sponsors a City Wide Beautification Contest. The program encourages community pride by cleaning, maintaining, and improving a property. Individuals and businesses who have gone above and beyond in improving their residence or business in an exceptional and creative approach are recognized for their hard work during a City Council meeting in the fall. First place contest winners will receive $500.00 and 2nd place winners will receive a $250.00 prize.

2017 1st Place Winner – Rodney Goff – 2nd Place Winner – James and Sabrina Hundley.

Judging standards are based on:

  1. Complete property improvements AND submit an application with up to six (6) “before” and up to six (6) “after” photos of your yard and the exterior of your home or project site no later than September 30, 2018.
  2. Properties must be located within the city limits of Grafton.
  3. Multiple properties may be entered on one application.
  4. Entries must list the improvements that were made to the property.
  5. The area that is improved must be visible from a public street or road.

To participate, applicants must clean & improve a property. This could include:

  • Cutting, trimming and/or removing tall and unsightly weeds, grass, brush and trees,
  • Demolishing dilapidated and/or abandoned buildings,
  • Removing inoperable and junk automobiles, tractors, trucks & other equipment,
  • Removing debris, junk, tires, litter and trash,
  • Landscaping improvements to your property,
  • Removing dirt, grass, brush and weeds from sidewalks and curbs,
  • New siding, windows, etc,
  • Exterior painting
  • Or more

Winners will be chosen and approved by a panel consisting of a local non-profit organization. The panel has the sole discretion to determine if improved properties meet the standards of the contest.

Applications can be picked up at City Hall or Click on the link below for an application:

Cleanup Contest Application (pdf)

All applications must be returned by September 30, 2018 for consideration.