New for 2018 Storefront Restoration Grant for Small Businesses

Grafton’s Facade Improvement Program was designed as an effort to improve and enhance the overall look and experience of downtown Grafton. The program is intended to assist property owners and/or tenants within the Grafton Historic District in beautifying and rehabilitating property fronts for the purposes of attracting both customers and prospective business owners and serving as a tool for revitalization of the downtown area. Property owners or tenants who choose to participate in this program are eligible to receive financial assistance, in the form of a 50/50 funds match, up to $2,000.00, for eligible projects and revitalization efforts of Grafton. Design and program components may be amended periodically to accommodate new or modified City policies and procedures.

Preference is given to projects where the removal of overlay materials reveals:

  • superior design, materials, or workmanship;
  • historic materials, design, or workmanship; or
  • where the removal will facilitate the restoration or construction of a façade that is more compatible with the character of the building and surrounding streetscape

Program parameters:

  • Funding for 1/2 the project cost up to $2,000.00
  • Façade must be visible from public right-of-way
  • Design approval by the Review Board required
  • Work cannot start until the applicant has received an approval letter from the City
  • Work must be completed within 120 days of approval letter
  • Request for one time extension must be in writing, and granting of any such requested extension is at the sole discretion of the City
  • Acknowledgment of program guidelines signed and returned by applicant, if approved
  • Funding for projects is provided as a grant after the completion of the original project plan is approved and the following submitted:
    • Photographs of final project
    • Contractor/Vendor Invoices

For more information and application on Grafton’s Main Street Facade Grant please click on the following link:

Facade Grant Application (pdf)