Grafton, WV is a destination location for anyone looking to create their adventure! Grafton is known for its key features in outdoors, arts and history.


Tygart LakeReady for an adventure? Grafton is a perfect spot for all things outdoors. Drive to Tygart Lake State Park and stay at the Lodge to enjoy an experience combining both relaxation and adventure all in one. Take part in water activities like boating, fishing or simply laying out in the sun. While you’re there, also check out the Tygart Dam including an overlook and park area.


Grafton is brimming with a rich history that is highlighted throughout the city. You can create your journey downtown visiting the International Mother’s Day Shrine, telling the story of Anna Jarvis and her contribution to the now famous annual national holiday. Then make your way to the only two national cemeteries in West Virginia, both located in Grafton. Don’t forget to plan your trip around Memorial Day to witness the oldest ongoing Memorial Day celebration in the country. The possibilities of exploring the past are endless.


If you’re ready to create your masterpiece and channel your inner artist, check out the arts galleries and shops located primarily on Main Street, such as Gallery 62 West and Quilting Bee. Check the Events page to find local art classes like drawing and stained glass. There’s also live music throughout the summer and great comedy talent in Grafton.