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Code Enforcement

Squirrel in gutter

From the Code Enforcement Offices

June 2023


This ordinance is for people that are not keeping there sidewalks clean, this also includes grass blown on them.


You are in violation of Ordinance 393. Section 1 which is as follows.


Section 1 The owners of property abutting on any street shall keep the sidewalk adjacent thereto in a clean and sanitary condition and free from snow, ice, dirt or refuse, The City Manager is hereby empowered and authorized to give notice to such property owner to clean such sidewalk of snow, ice, dirt or refuse and to put such sidewalk in a clean and sanitary condition, such notice to be served as provided by Section 2, and upon the failure or neglect of such property owner to put such sidewalk in a clean and sanitary condition and to remove snow, ice, dirt or refuse therefrom within twenty four hours after such notice has been given, the City Manager may cause the same to be done, and the cost thereof be assessed against such property owner and become a lien upon such property in the manner provided by Section 3.


Remember when cutting your grass blow the grass back onto your property and not into the street. The grass clogs drains and can cause a vehicle or motor cycle to lose traction on the street. I have read that grass on the street is like driving on ice. So try to keep the grass on your property.


If you have a brush pile in your yard, it needs to be cleaned up. It can be removed or you can burn it. If you decide on burning it, you will need to pick up a burning permit at the City of Grafton Fire Department. You can call 304-265-1866. The burning permits are free of charge.


It has come to our attention that residents are putting their trash out days or a week before their set date for trash pick-up.

When putting your garbage out for pick-up, DO NOT put it out any earlier than the night before your scheduled pick-up. Placing your garbage out too early allows animals and vermin the time to get in it and make a mess for you and your neighbors. This makes your property, your neighbor’s and the area that you live in look bad, and will get you a violation letter from this office.


From 2018 International Property Maintenance Code

Section 308.3 Disposal of Garbage States;


Every occupant of a structure shall dispose of garbage in a clean and sanitary manner. Garbage must be placed in an approved garbage disposal facility or an approved leak-proof garbage container with a lid.

(This does not mean garbage bags piled by the street.)




Reminder; the Citywide yard sale is June 3rd.


We hope everyone is has a nice start to summer.

Code Enforcement Officer: Glenn H. Bartlett II  |  304-265-1412 ext. 30

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