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Code Enforcement

Squirrel in gutter


I have taken over the duties of notifying the power company when I see there is a street light out or broken. If you see a street light that is not properly working, please notify me directly at my number listed below. 

Also, I have noticed animal waste on the city streets and sidewalks. Picking up isn't just a courtesy, it's the healthy and environmentally sound thing to do. Failure to remove your animal waste is punishable by a fine. When animal feces are left behind, the matter is washed into nearby storm drains by rain and floods. The matter typically drains into streams and rivers, carrying pollutants along with it. It can kill fish and wildlife. All dogs harbor a form of bacteria that can make people and especially children ill. The bacterium includes E. Coli and Salmonella. Cat feces can contain parasites such as roundworms and toxoplasmosis. Children playing where animals defecate as well as adults who garden in the area are the highest risk of infection from the waste. Please take a bread or grocery bag with you when walking your pets to clean up after them. At home, try to clean up your yard at least once a week. You can bury the waste by digging down 12". 

Let's try to keep our city clean!

We hope everyone is excited for the arrival of Spring!

Code Enforcement Officer: Glenn H. Bartlett II  |  304-265-1412 ext. 30

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